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(or Nutnicha Chuchat) b. 1990
Sandy Chuchat is a painter who uses visual lexicons to explore feminine psychology and identity using conventional and digital mediums. She concentrates on subjects related to her life, particularly as a woman, and the societal roles assigned to women. Her painting is influenced by female old masters like Frida Kahlo and Louise Bourgeois, whose work reflects their femininity as well. Chuchat uses borrowed symbols and personified historical artifacts to communicate in a symbolic language in which items have importance in the framework of an allegory. Her visual language is subject to interpretation and displays her personal ideology.

Chuchat was born in Bangkok, where she currently resides and works. In 2006, she began practicing visual art in Australia, where she attended school and was able to exhibit some work. She moved to London in 2009 and studied fashion at Istituto Marangoni, where she acquired an interest in art history, which became the main source of inspiration for her work. Chuchat worked in the fashion industry as a graphic designer after graduation until returning to fine art in 2018. Her work has since been shown in galleries and group exhibits around Thailand. Her work has also been featured in other publications and on several online platforms.
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