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(or Nutnicha Chuchat) b. 1990
Deconstructing objects and forms is a method that Sandy Chuchat uses to explore her own psyche and identity. The principal themes of discussion include her personal experiences as a woman, as well as the societal expectations placed on her and other women. Her influences range from Surrealism to the Mediaeval and Folk Art Revival to Georgia O'Keeffe. Chuchat engages in communication through the utilisation of borrowed symbols and personified historical items, so emphasising the relevance of objects within the context of an allegorical setting.

Chuchat uses painting as a medium to explore her own individuality. Through the creative process, she engages in an internal dialogue, which helps her reconnect with her inner self. There are elements of dreamscapes that she weaves into her works. She makes use of personal symbols in order to convey meanings that are tailored to her particular circumstances. Therefore, it is not required for symbols to have a particular meaning; rather, they may be symbolic of certain feelings or a point in time for her, but can also be read in a universal manner.

Chuchat spent her childhood in Bangkok, where she currently lives and works. However, she started practising Studio Art in Australia in 2006 where she went to school which allowed her to exhibit work in galleries. She moved to London in 2009 and received a Bachelor Degree in Art from Istituto Marangoni where her interest in Art History kick-started. After graduation, Chuchat worked in the fashion industry as a visual designer until she decided to get back to pursuing fine art in 2018
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